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October 01, 2019 2 Comments

Exploring tea is not a solo journey—you are part of a curious community that is encountering tea together. Post your thoughts, questions and recommendations for other tea travelers after reading each month's post. 

Here is what we envision: Each month, two teas from our vast collection will be featured along with a meditation, poem, or prompt to ponder. If you place an online order, one sample of each featured tea will be included for free--that's two samples per order. We then encourage you to share your reactions and questions with us through the “Contact Us” portal here on our website, or in the comments section below.

In every culture, tea brings people together. We are thrilled to make these teas available to you, in the hopes that you enjoy them as much as we do and that you share the joy with those around you. Cheers!

 Original Spice Tea Blend

Our #1-selling tea every year. The finest spices are combined with a quality blend of choice black teas. Even your non-tea drinking friends will like this one. Tastes great iced as well.


Morning Dew

Refreshing in the cold of winter and a thirst quencher served on ice in the summer. A must-have for your tea cupboard! Our customers' most-loved green tea.

2 Responses

Kathy Stohrer
Kathy Stohrer

October 03, 2019

You’re featuring two of my four favorites here. Yum!

Megan Roach
Megan Roach

October 01, 2019

Original spice is my favorite! I like it hot and iced and I love that you also have it in decaf! No surprise why it is your best selling tea.

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