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To Show Our Thanks...

August 01, 2020

...We are highlighting two especially fine teas this month. We appreciate you, our wonderful customers who have been placing orders while we regroup during the pandemic. We love that you have been trying new teas in different sizes. We hope that you share with your quarantine companions and spread your love of tea and favorite flavors. We are honored that you continue to choose us as your purveyor of fine loose-leaf tea. 

So: if you place an order this month, you will receive one free sample each of two of our newest teas. Get excited--they are splendid!

Sometimes you reach for your favorite breakfast tea to start your morning routine perfectly. Sometimes you brew up your favorite calming herbal for a relaxing evening. Other times you pull out the trusty Original Spice so you can win over your "not-really-tea-drinker" friends. Then... there are times you want to be treated to an exquisite fine tea experience with flavor and nuance that transport you to another time and place. That's when you make yourself a cup of one of these:

Shi Hua Xiang

Oolong | China

Shi Hua Xiang is one of the most famous of the beloved Phoenix Mountain teas. This style of Oolong uses a sideways rolling technique, not a tight ball rolling technique, which yields an elegant elongated leaf. The aroma is distinctly floral, and the taste has a pleasing astringency and minerality. Truly unique and special.


Orchid Snow Buds

Green | China

These beautiful little leaves picked just around the Qing Ming festival (April 5, 2020) in Zhejiang have been specially processed. Small batches, about a kilo at a time, were de-enzymed at a temperature of 190 to 200ºC. The leaves were then shaped with a kneading technique over a warm pan, at 70 to 80ºC. Sometimes this finished leaf shape is referred to as "eagle claws".  This tea brews a very elegant, chestnut-y, sweet full flavor and is delicious hot or cold-brewed. 

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