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May 01, 2020

One of the many fun and enjoyable aspects of brewing and preparing tea is undoubtedly...the teaware. For millennia, artists and artisans have applied their discerning eyes and deft hands to the creation of beautiful, functional tea accessories. Just as tea leaves elevate ordinary water into a delightful beverage, so too does a handcrafted mug infuse an everyday ritual with beauty. 

We at Todd & Holland Tea Merchants are lucky to live and work so close to the Art Institute of Chicago, which houses a stunningly varied collection of teaware both historic and contemporary. These are some of our favorites:

Tea and Coffee Service, England, 1865

Tea Bowl by Kozan Makuzu, Japan, 1900


Three Piece Tea Set with Tray by Jean George Theobald, Connecticut, 1928

Tea and Coffee Service, France, 1820

"Teaside" Tea Service by Stanley Tigerman & Margaret McCurry, United States, 1986

What kind of teaware do you like? Do you reach for your number-one favorite mug every morning? Do you use an heirloom teapot? Do you prefer a solid handle on your cup, or a smooth Asian style?  We would love to know!

Join us this month in enjoying...

Waikiki Beach

Excellent Japanese green tea with pineapple. A drink to conjure silken sands. Ingredients: Green tea and pineapple

True Cream Golden Buds 

Rich creamy texture and milky aroma. Brew greets one with strong aroma and flavor that develops up front.   Seems heavy and light at the same time. Has a stronger sweetness than our other current Milk Oolong.   Ingredients: Taiwan oolong tea

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