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II Flush Darjeeling Cupping


EXPERIENCE our four newest II Flush Darjeelings, Avongrove Estate Euphoria, Chamong Estate, Castleton Estate, and Pussimbing Estate.  1oz (28g) of each for you to experience at home with directions on "cupping". II Flush (second flush) refers to the second picking of the tea leaves.

Includes tea and "cupping" guide. 

Take some time.  Invite a friend.  Make them all at once.

The leaves were picked in June, high on the slopes in Darjeeling.  For years we have taken it for granted that II Flushes would be here by early fall.  These arrived in February.  But they did make it! 

Compare the leaves, the aromas, the astringency, and enjoy.

 Ingredients: India Darjeeling black tea

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