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Ya Shi Xiang "Famous Duck Aroma Tea"


The famous "Duck Poop tea".  Stories abound for how this tea got such a name.  It is from old trees. One story has it that the leaves were so good that people came and helped themselves. In an effort to stop that practice, the farmer got ducks to live around and in the trees. The smell they left discouraged people from going close and picking the leaves and the name stuck.  
Once you get over the name and brew yourself a cup, initially there are sweet, light floral notes with a tiny hint of bitterness,  followed by a smooth mineral finish and long lasting aftertaste. Incredibly complex.   
Ingredients: Dan Cong Oolong tea from Phoenix Mountain

Brewing Instructions:

Can be brewed several ways, 1.1g per 6oz cup at 185° F. for two minutes  or 4-6 grams per 6oz for 20-30 seconds with water at 170° F. With this last method you can get many infusions. Increase brewing time a little with each infusion.

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